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Anterior Total Hip Replacement Specialists

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Hip pain can be a hassle that prevents you from accomplishing daily tasks and can arise from past athletic pursuits, arthritis, or general wear-and-tear. The Woodlands Sports Medicine Centre provides advanced anterior hip replacement options to the communities in Conroe and The Woodlands, Texas. If you’re looking to discuss a total hip replacement and begin your journey to pain-free living, reach out by phone or online today.

Anterior Total Hip Replacement Q & A

What is an Anterior Total Hip Replacement?

An anterior hip replacement is a surgical procedure where an artificial hip replaces any damaged cartilage or bone loss in your hip joint. 

During this procedure, your surgeon makes an incision at the front of the hip and works between the muscles, which is minimally invasive. More traditional hip replacement approaches require surgeons to cut muscles and other soft tissue in the procedure.

Hip replacements have been extremely helpful for arthritis cases and can provide you years of pain-free mobility.

Am I a Candidate for a Hip Replacement?

A total hip replacement may be right for you if you experience the following issues:

  • Osteoarthritis (years of wear and tear on the hip)
  • A hip fracture, infection or tumor 
  • Hip pain not solved by at-home remedies 
  • Hip pain interfering with your daily tasks
  • Overall mobility issues 


If you feel you may be interested in an anterior total hip replacement, visit The Woodlands Sports Medicine Centre for an initial evaluation. The procedure can be effective in reducing pain, providing a fast recovery, and is often an outpatient operation. 

What Happens During an Anterior Total Hip Replacement?

After your surgeon has developed a treatment and rehabilitation plan, you can proceed with the replacement. 

During anterior total hip replacement, your surgeon makes a tiny incision over your hip to expose the joint. They prepare an acetabulum (or socket) and use screws to keep it in place. 

Your surgeon cements an artificial ball to your thigh bone (femur) and socket to your pelvic bone area. Once everything is in place, your surgeon closes back up your hip carefully. 

Afterward, you can expect to return home and start physical therapy shortly. You have a post-operative check and are encouraged to walk with crutches for at least two weeks, and other walking aids for the next few weeks after. 

Your surgeon works with you to communicate specific at-home recovery tactics for the best healing process. 

If you are interested in discussing an anterior total hip replacement, reach out by phone or schedule an appointment online today.