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The Best and Worst Shoes for Your Back

The Best and Worst Shoes for Your Back

Putting on your shoes may be part of your daily routine, but when your back begins giving you trouble, you may want to consider the shoes you wear. Back pain is quite common, especially if you stand on your feet for long hours. 

The talented orthopedic specialists at The Woodlands Sports Medicine Centre in The Woodlands, Texas, offer comprehensive care for back pain that results from wear and tear, degenerative conditions, lifestyle habits, and injuries. 

We specialize in pain management and solutions to bring you long-term relief. Our evaluation of your back pain may determine that your shoes are the root of the problem. 

Can your shoes cause back pain?

The feet have multiple muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons working together to keep you mobile. You can begin experiencing pain and dysfunction when these tissues and bones don’t have the support they need.

Choose shoes that support your frame, have enough room for your toes, provide good arch support, and absorb the shocks of walking and use is critical. Many popular shoe styles offer little or no support for your feet and legs, and some are detrimental. Flip-flops and high heels can move the joints in your spine out of alignment.

Misaligned spinal joints increase your risk for back pain. You may also be at increased risk for osteoarthritis and other degenerative spine conditions if you have misaligned joints and do not seek treatment.

Unsupportive shoes can also increase your chances of slipping, tripping, and sustaining an injury. 

When should I get help for back pain?

Experiencing back pain after hard work or long periods of standing or walking is not unusual. This pain can often get treated with over-the-counter medications and rest. 

Persistent back pain may cause you to look elsewhere — like your shoes. Switching to more supportive shoes that fit well can help relieve back pain when you’ve been on your feet. 

If rest and home care plus wearing better shoes don’t help your back pain, our orthopedic and pain management specialists can perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the cause of your pain. Then we can tailor a treatment plan and return you to pain-free mobility. 

Our providers always begin with the least-invasive methods like exercise, physical therapy, and other measures. We can recommend orthopedic surgery to correct spinal problems when these treatments are ineffective. 

Contact our team at The Woodlands Sports Medicine Centre today by calling or using the online booking feature to ask about a back pain evaluation

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